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Materials and care

In the file of each product you will find detailed the material of each jewel. The materials we work with are:



90% of our jewels are made of this material, and it is characterized by being

  • Waterproof. It can be wet without getting ugly and without losing the gold plating.
  • Hypoallergenic. It is a material that does not cause allergies and is highly recommended for people with delicate skin.
  • Its high durability makes it a material more sustainable than other options less resistant, since it is not necessary to replace it with other parts or products and it will last for years in perfect condition. 
  • Su rquality-price ratio it's very good.

In case of darkening - especially in summer with sun creams or saltpeter from the sea - we recommend washing them with water and neutral soap (no concentrates such as washing clothes or dishes) and drying it with a soft cloth.



Several of our earrings or minis are made of this material, as are some (although few) of our rings. How to take care of the jewels of this material?

  • We recommend DO NOT wet them or spray with products that contain water or alcohol (for example, perfumes or hydroalcoholic gees)
  • Save in a dry placeaway from direct sources of heat or moisture.

Taking care of your jewelry and storing it correctly will last us a long time.



Our advice is that you enjoy your silver jewelery wherever you go, since you can always clean it if it gets dark. We simply recommend following these two tips:

  1. Avoid contact with corrosive products (cleaning products, alcohol, bleach...). It will be advisable to remove your jewelry if you are going to wear them.
  2. In case of blackening and want to clean them, use ONLY specific products for Sterling Silver. 

You can also dip them in water without problem unless your jewelry is GOLD PLATED, in which case It will NOT be recommended to wet them, since the bathroom could deteriorate and be lost over time.

You should store your silver jewelry in a dry placeaway from direct sources of heat or moisture.